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E-Sports - The 'Free' CS:GO Skin Industry Is Booming, Following Gambling Crackdown

Wednesday, November 15, 2017  
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**There’s a burgeoning new industry giving them out to players for free.  Well…”free”


For years, CS:GO players have bought and sold virtual weapon skins in Stream’s marketplace.  As time went on, rarer skins’ market valuations would surpass the thousand-dollar mark.  That’s when some savvy gamers had the idea to build websites that let users gamble using CS:GO skins instead of money. 

***But, the $5 billion ($6.7 billion) industry built on its back didn’t evaporate, though; it disseminated.  Now, dozens of sites are offering free CS skins in exchange for doing online tasks – anything from watching an endless stream of ads to completing a trial of a dumb mobile game to buying 12 chocolate strawberries.
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